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Chess – a game with many moves but with an unpredictable outcome that determined by choice one makes.
We are associated with one of the best Chess Academy named South Mumbai Chess Academy (SMCA) which started in 1996. SMCA encourages children at all level, to develop their understanding of the game at the initial stages and to help them become better players over a period of time. Our training programs are designed not only to teach them the tactics of chess, but also the importance of practice and hard work.

Also Check our Hobby classes at Borivali for Vedic Maths


Vedic Maths is a technique of methods with conventional numerals dealt in a pattern to solve for a problem with choices of methods on priority to conclude results mentally. Vedic Maths is suggested for kids of higher age group as it needs understanding the basic rules of conventional math system trained in regular schools. It is very beneficial to students preparing for entrance exami-nations as it increases the mental calculation and helps them to calculate much faster as compared to conventional ways. This system is very helpful in competitive exams where one needs to calculate really fast. This system helps in intelligent guessing – say eliminating choices in a CAT or NTSE examination.


Abacus is a technique of numerals of beads to be visualized in brain to maneuver it in pattern of its methods to finally read and answer mentally. Abacus is suggested for kids of age 4 onwards till 13/14 as its learning is independent of any conventional math training of schools.


Introduces students to the basic concepts of engineering, science and mechanics through simple machines and their Mechanisms like gears, pulleys, levers etc.


Our Art & Craft classes get kids creative juices going and flowing! We have classes for everyone which are unique & one of a kind.


Bollywood/ Western


Jazz Funk


Zumba- Piloxing



A fun and multi-sensory way of learning how to read with the help of sounds (phonetics). Phonics enables the child to develop reading habit early-on and also enables proper English Pronunciation and spellings resulting in strong communication capabilities. We’ve a certiied Jolly Phonics teacher named Asavari. She has an ability of using special techniques in engaging students there by making learning fun.


Yoga is an art as well as a science. It is a science, because it offers practical methods for controlling body and mind. With practice you are strengthening and calming the nervous system. You are increasing the blood flow and bringing more oxygen to your cells. You are clear-ing the mental clutter and allowing to see things more clearly. You are cultivating the spiritual muscle in a way that can make you happier, less anxious, more at peace. Take out one happy hour for yourself, everyday!


“Where words fail, Music speaks.” Our Aim is to equip you with all the knowledge & expertise you need to turn your musical passion into a successful career. Here you will find extremely talented and professional faculty, and everything you need to take your first step into a future of musical possibilities… we look forward to welcoming you!

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