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Introduces students to the basic concepts of engineering, science and mechanics through simple machines and their Mechanisms like gears, pulleys, levers etc.


Provides an ideal pathway for introducing to everyday technology. Kids construct real world theme-based models. From a construction site to an amusement park. Which enable them to understand how things around them actually work.


A program in rapid prototyping technology to manufacture 3D models. Children can convert 2D ideas into 3D with computer software and 3D printer will ‘Print’ the object.


An innovative and education-based program designed to teach children the basic principles of electricity and electronics in a fun, safe & hand-on manner.


Introduce students to the world of robotics. Students are fully involved in programming, conceptualizing & constructing their own robots.


The program deals with designing short animated story and coding for their own computer game. This builds creativity & coding, develops logical and reasoning skills.

Batch Details

No. of Sessions: 26 in a Year (1.15 hours per week)

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Fees : Please call us for details

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